Thursday, April 7, 2011

Push Notifications on the iPhone

Wowtrack now provides push notifications directly on your iPhone. With this service, you are notified on your mobile device whenever something important happens with regard to your favorite guilds and characters.

More specifically, the notifications provided by Wowtrack include:
  • Realm, guild and name changes of your favorite characters.
  • First kills of encounters by your favorite guilds and characters.
  • World first kills of heroic encounters on both raid sizes.

In essence, this new service is an extension of the personalized news service that has been available on Wowtrack for some time now. Instead of periodically visiting the personalized news page by yourself, you can now get notifications whenever there is something new to report.

The Wowtrack push service is based on Boxcar, a fantastic push notification app that is available on the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. The application is a free download from the App Store – with an optional in-app purchase that allows you to disable the ads. Versions of Boxcar for other platforms are currently in development.

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