Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Personalized News From Wowtrack

With the Firelands content patch likely to hit the live realms this week, you may be interested in customizing Wowtrack to receive personalized news. With the personalized news feature, you will never miss a first kill by any of the guilds and characters your are interested in.

When viewed on the web, Wowtrack personlized news look like this:

With the Wowtrack push notification service you can also get these news pushed directly on your compatible mobile device as they are detected by Wowtrack.

To take advantage of the personalized news feature, you first need to log in on Wowtrack using your Google account (which you can create for free if you do not have one yet.)

Next, look up the guilds and characters that you are interested in, and click the Favorite icon on the respective pages. Your news page will now show personalized news for all favorited guilds and characters.

In order to set up push notifications to your mobile device, visit the push notifications page, and follow the instructions. It is important that you type your Boxcar e-mail address in the provided field and press Subscribe—even if you have already added the Wowtrack service on Boxcar. If you omit this step, Wowtrack has no information about your Boxcar account, and you will only receive push notifications about world first kills.

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