Saturday, July 9, 2011

Data Export

For quite some time, Wowtrack has supported data export in XML format from its guild plugin. The data export allows web site developers to present guild progress and ranking information from Wowtrack in the way that is most suitable to their design and functionality requirements.

As Blizzard Entertainment is moving from XML to JSON with the new Community Platform API, Wowtrack follows suit and now provides its guild data export in JSON in addition to XML. Also, the plugins page now provides documentation on the information that is exported by the guild plugin.


  1. What about the golden styling of some guild names that started popping up recently?
    Is it "does content in both brackets" or something? :)

  2. More trivial ;) Those guilds temporarily lost their faction due to a bug. The bug has been fixed, and the guilds will be back in their factions with the next update.