Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar

Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar is being released on September 10, 2013. Rankings on Wowtrack have been switched over to the new raid tier with its 14 encounters. As usual, the first week will be normal mode only, with heroic mode becoming available in the second week.


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    1. I have a problem to claim a character, I've submitted a report for you to almost 1 year and still have not received a response.
      I need to claim the character Absorvente@Nemesis-US whose id is 9905107 on your database, but when I click the claim button so I am redirected to initiate claim of another character, Gravetögeek@Nemesis-US whose id in your database is 15878131.

  2. Thanks for your message, and sorry your previous message went without response. The issue has been addressed.